Monday, February 27, 2012

new nephew, new hair, new location!!

Time is going by WAY TOO fast...
January had lots of new and exciting news for the Tanners! My sister had her baby Lorenzo Richard Gregor they call him Ren, and I am completely in love that little man! Babies change so fast, I can't believe how much he is growing. My current favorite thing he does, is the scowl... he just glares at me when I hold him. It's almost like he is looking at me thinking " you look like my mom, but your not who are you?"

I also cut 14 inches of hair off ! I have always wanted to try short hair, and I had a little added motivation to jump into unknown hair territory. Low and behold, I LOVE IT! I was worried that I would go through that shock phase...we've all gone through it...when you're in the shower and you go to wash your hair and all the sudden it hits you...I HAVE NO HAIR!! We'll that never happened, which surprised me. I have enjoyed having short hair, it has taught me to appreciate other things about myself that I never noticed before. I started to realize that I had been hiding behind my hair, and once I cut it all off it gave me an added measure of confidence .

And the grand finale of good news...drum roll please.... COLBY GOT ACCEPTED TO LOMA LINDA MEDICAL SCHOOL!! After years of preparing, studying, saving, waiting, hoping, and praying we got the good news right after Colby's Birthday. We will be moving to Southern California ( yes, we are moving to the land of forever sun) in June of this year. When we got the good news I saw such a change in the Colbster...the stress just instantly dissapeared.

I'll upload some pictures tonight when I have some more time...chao!

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  1. HOORAY for new hair and acceptance letters! We are so happy for the changes that have come and pray that the next chapter is blessed. Love you!